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Shokubutsu Fresh Shower Foam: Clean Fresh, Iris

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NUKA Oil, an anti-aging secret of Japanese women.
Rice is synonymous to Japanese woman in caring for their skin to maintain an admirable natural beauty.
Inspired by the beliefs to the tradition, Shokubutsu discovered the magical power of the Nuka Oil (Rice Bran Oil) as a naturally rich source of anti-oxidant to help revive skin’s natural radiance for beautiful skin.
100% Plant Cleansing Ingredients formula that provide mild and gentleness on skin.
100% Plant Anti-Oxidant from Nuka Oil (Rice Bran Oil that is naturally rich in Oryzanol and Vitamin E to help neutralise free radicals.
100% Plant Nourishment from Plant Extract to enhance skin beauty.
Superior lather with easy foaming, easy rinsing and non-sticky after shower feel.
Long lasting natural infused fragrance.