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Rediscover the Youthful, You!
Properly cleansed skin marks the starting point to promoting healthy skin as it removed dirt and clogs on
skin to allow skin breath more comfortable. Properly cleansed skin is also able to absorb applied skin
nutrients from other skin care products to work more effectively.
Shokubutsu World Famous Bathing Series is enriched with Plant Collagen with an aim to promote healthy and youthful skin.
Power of Natural Ingredients
Bathing isn’t just about basic cleansing only, it is about a tradition set centuries ago as a social gathering while at the same time,promoting a healthy well-being. Interesting enough, such traditions vary from country to country.
Back into our homes, showering is the only occasion when one can redeem their true self:
an occasion to truly treasure with pleasure. Shokubutsu World Famous Bathing Series encapsulates the spirit of traditional bathing by reintroducing the power of Natural Ingredients used in the world’s renown bathing traditions to promoting a healthy body, mind and soul.