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Get To Know Your Skin

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Knowing your skin type is the first step to maintaining your body’s health and beauty. Once the first step is fulfilled, choose the care or treatment products tailored especially for your skin and learn how to maintain it!
Skin Types:
1. Normal – Vibrant, elastic and supple.
2. Dry – Flaky, dry and tight.
3. Oily – Greasy, thick and shiny.
4. Combination – Patches of both dry and oily skin all over your body.
5. Sensitive – Tight and dry, becoming easily inflamed and irritated.
How to Protect Your Skin:
1. Don’t go out under the sun without any protection.Your skin, even when it is not vulnerable or sensitive, requires proper protection from the sun. Always make it a mission to apply a sun cream with SPF suitable for your skin type.

2. Use a product that is gentle on the skin.I’m sure you’ve experienced the dryness on your skin especially after shower. Use products that contains natural ingredients like plant based that is more gentle on your skin like any of Shokubutsu products that made of 100% plant cleansing ingredients.

3. Take a shower instead of a bath.Bathing may be relaxing and comfortable for you but too long a bath can dehydrate your skin. Occasionally taking a bath is still ok and for normal days try takes a lukewarm shower.

4. Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing with towel.We have been taught to take our favourite towel and rub ourselves dry after shower. We have been taught wrong. Instead, pat yourself dry gently to prevent your skin from being irritable.

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