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Create a Spa Experience at Home

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In today’s stress filled world, it is not easy for everyone to visit the spa regularly due to time and financial constraint, but that does not mean that you will need to deprive yourself from getting pampered. Studies shows that an hour of spa liked treatment does help lower the stress level. And if you do not have the time and does not want to go through heavy traffic just to get to a spa, you can still get destress without needing to leave the comfort of your home and with minimal spending. We have gathered some tips to help you create that spa-liked ambience in your home.
Tip #1: Privacy
The fundamental aspect of a spa experience is to have uninterrupted time for yourself. If you have to hop out of the tub to cradle your toddler or prepare dinner for your family, you may end up feeling more stress than before. So, plan for it to happen. Talk to your spouse or family member and seek their assistance in preparing meals or even look after your child for that or one hour to yourself. Remember to also keep your phone absolutely out of your reach.
Tip #2: Music
Experts suggest that music can help a person relax as long as it is a soothing rhythm. Pick a right tune fall into a tranquil state melting away all the stress you are experiencing.Let the melody take your attention away from everything in your mind.
Tip #3: Lighting
Studies shows that lighting can have direct impact on the mood of a person. The right lighting too can create and fabricate a stress relieve mood. For a calming effect, dim your bathroom lights or simply light a candle to create a relaxing atmosphere like those of the spas.
Tip #4: Bath Products
You can go a long way by creating a luxurious bath with the help of some bathing products such as treating skin with an exfoliating body scrubs or get mesmerised with Shokubutsu World Famous Bathing Series shower foam. This shower foam contains Plant collagen that not only helps rejuvenate and nourishes skin, its calming scent revitalizes your body and soul and at the same time pampers you with an effect that lasts for hours.
Tip #5: Beauty Treatment
Being alone also allows time to get beautiful. Work that conditioner onto your hair, not forgetting the purifying mask which does wonders while soaking in the bath tub . Experts suggest that alone time is necessary to re-energise a person’s soul and bodyfeeling good about yourself and your mood too will be lifted instantly. Try do this at least once or twice a week and you will surely feel the difference.
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